CLF is a Unitarian Universalist congregation without walls, comprised of thousands of people from all over the world. As a spiritual community rooted in profound love, we cultivate wonder, gratitude, and the courage to act.  We strive to carry the flame of liberal religion to all who yearn for its warmth and light.
Quest for Meaning is our online multi-faith community rooted in Unitarian Universalism.  It offers both fellowship and resources for people on a variety of spiritual paths who are seeking meaning, wholeness and healing in their lives.

Online Worship
Each week, we offer online worship using video and live chat. Broadcasts are on Sundays at 8 pm Eastern and Mondays at 2 pm Eastern. Come join us for fellowship, inspiration and music.

Quest, CLF’s Monthly Magazine
Quest is our highly regarded Unitarian Universalist magazine that goes deep into a particular theme using sermons, poetry, reflections, prayers and meditations.

Small Groups and Classes
CLF offers a variety of opportunities for people on spiritual journeys to connect, learn and grow with one another. Take a class (listed on our events page) or be part of an online community through an email distribution list or one of our Facebook groups. Contact Kari Kopnick.

The VUU is our live talkshow specifically geared for Unitarian Universalists. A new episode is broadcast each Thursday at 11 am Eastern. We invite a wide variety of guests to discuss religion, spirituality, Unitarian Universalism, multi-faith issues, social justice, and whatever else seems interesting! Learn more or view the archives. Hosted by Meg Riley and Joanna Crawford.

Family Ministry
We offer a wealth of materials for families about Unitarian Universalism and its many sources. Our goal is to help you carry the flame of our rich faith tradition into the home. See the Family Quest  section of the Quest for Meaning  website. Contact Lynn Ungar.

Worship Express
The CLF offers a subscription program called Worship Express for small groups and families. This provides a wealth of high-quality print and video resources to use for worship and religious education. Contact Beth Murray.

Church of the Younger Fellowship
CLF hosts a Facebook page for young adults to connect online.

Outreach Ministry to Prisoners
Over 550 prisoners are CLF members. Most of them have discovered Unitarian Universalism behind bars and now enjoy mailings of the Quest magazine, UU World magazine, letters from pen-pals, and classes by mail. Contact Patty Franz.

Outreach Ministry to Military Personnel and Families
CLF was founded in 1944 to reach out to Unitarian soldiers in WWII, and it continues to care for Unitarian Universalist military personnel and families to this day.  Contact Bob LaVallee.

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