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You are welcome at the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF). We gather together, as people with different experiences and beliefs, enjoying a community based in love and acceptance that celebrates and values diversity of all kinds.

We like to think of membership as a pathway, ever changing, and never straight. There are lots of areas to stop along the way to explore, enjoy the view, and find support. Take your time. Ask questions. We’re always with you onyour journey. 

A financial commitment is part of CLF Membership; but we would never exclude you when money is tight. There are so many places along the path to read, listen, and interact. If you are new to Unitarian Universalism, we want you to learn more. If you are new to the Church of the Larger Fellowship, we want you to evaluate whether the CLF is a good spiritual home for you, or just a place to visit.

CLF members have found that no matter where in the world they find themselves, it matters what they value and how they live.

Visit our worship page to find community and spiritual sustenance.

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Visit our care and help pages to find support for your spiritual journey.

Think about all the ways you can be a part of this community.

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