Join the Church of the Larger Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member at the CLF!

CLF Members have exclusive access to:

  • The Quest Monthly printed publication which is mailed to your home address through the United States Postal Service. (The electronic version is available to everyone on the website).
  • Pastoral Care in your times of need from learning fellows (ministers in training) and when available the senior minister.
  • RE Express Monthly which is “religious education in a box” for families! Contact us for a free sample!
  • Be a CLF Delegate to the General Assembly! It’s a chance to meet other UUs from around the country, participate in the business of our denomination as a whole, and attend live workshops on all sorts of topics from worship to fundraising to theological explorations. (You can also join fellow CLFers for a in-person CLF worship service!!!)

To become a member of the CLF:

  1. please fill out this questionnaire
  2. sign CLF’s mission statement, at the bottom of the questionnaire
  3. make a contribution to the CLF in any amount via check or our online form

If you have any questions please call us at 617-948-6170 or send email [email protected].

CLF Membership Questionnaire

  • CLF Membership Covenant

    As we come together in community, it is important to clarify group values and expectations. We seek to create a safe and welcoming place and will operate under the following principles whether we are online or offline:

    RESPECT – Our overarching value will be one of respect for self and others as well as for people and ideas we may disagree with. We will value the worth and dignity of all people.

    TOLERANCE AND APPRECIATION OF DIVERSITY – We will seek to operate under a "both/and" rather than an "either/or" philosophy (i.e., we will honor others' paths and welcome differences).

    COMPASSION – Ours is a congregation with a spirit of caring and support. We will seek to encourage and lift one another up--especially in difficult times.

    ACCOUNTABILITY – We will lovingly hold each other accountable to these shared values.

  • Mailing Address

    Occasionally CLF members, other Unitarian Universalists, and UU organizations request contact information for local CLF members for purposes of gatherings and workshops (we do not release contact information for fundraising purposes). Please check this box if you would like your contact information withheld.
  • Please list the adults in this household who are joining the CLF

  • CLF Online Community for Members

    We have several ways that CLF members can join for community and to learn more about the CLF. Please indicate below if you would like to be included in the lists by making sure the appropriate boxes are checked.

  • Please use this box for: additional family members, areas in which you are interested in volunteering, other comments or questions.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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