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Invisible Friend - Daily

November 26, 2014  Apparently this dog has an invisible friend sitting with him on the bench. There’s a…

In the Doghouse - Daily

November 25, 2014  When we’re in trouble we’re said to be “in the doghouse,” banished from our own…

Seeing is Believing - UU

November 26, 2014  In the wake of Ferguson, in the wake of Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant and…

“the war against dehumanization is ceaseless” - UU

November 25, 2014  “They have treated the wound of my people carelessly, saying, “Peace, peace,” when there is…

The Wellspring of Decency -

The wellspring of decency is loving this life in which people die, people suffer, there…

How Much Do We Deserve? -

A friend of mine says that the real secret to every sermon lies in the…

UU Fellowship Without Walls

The CLF is the largest Unitarian Universalist congregation in the world. For UUs and others, we offer an online spiritual home beyond walls or geography. Unitarian Universalists find supportive UU fellowship and words to inspire and comfort, including sermons, homilies and reflections in Quest magazine (text and podcasts) and video.

We are a congregation without walls. No matter where you’re located, you can join our online spiritual community. We serve anyone longing for a faith rooted in love that cultivates wonder, encourages imagination and champions justice.

Whether you belong to another Unitarian Universalist church or you’re turned off by traditional religions, you’ll find like-minded people here who find solace and revel in the spirit of fellowship.

Are you still wondering if Unitarian Universalist religious beliefs are compatible with your own?  Read or listen to UU writings and sermons, consider our perspectives about the big questions of life, and explore all kinds of resources for families!

No Unitarian Universalist congregation nearby, but you long for more UU fellowship? Or, you love your Sunday morning church but you’re still hungry for more spiritual companionship?  Join us for weekly worship and reflection online. These video broadcasts include live chat with many from across our community. You can also watch the video archives at any time.

Need some inspiration to keep carrying the flame of love, wonder, and justice in your way-too-busy life?  Want to be reminded that life is more than a to do list?  Subscribe to a short daily meditation in word and image, delivered right to you!